Ok…  I’m really bored! There is nothing to do.  I had a fun day-to-day! I went to 4-H and that was fun then i went to Ace then Wal*mart…  Now im home, and watching a movie… I’m also on Facebook, but I’m  uber bored! Bored I tell you BORED!!!!  Its 8:33 and I could fall asleep that’s how bored I am…  Well I guess im gonna go…  Goodbye!

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Australia :P

Who wants to go to Australia???  I DO!!!!  Have been watching an Australian series and it has made me want to go there one day! I think it would be sooo cool to go to the country and just ride my horses for hours….  I like how they talk to…   I just love Australia…  LOL 😀  😀 !!! And I hope i get lots and lots of views from australia, that would be sooo cool!!

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Pick one!!!

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Which one?

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My Florida Summer!!!

This summer, I spent the summer in Florida with my grandparents… I had so much fun!!!! I went to the Destin Beach, Shopping, and  Walt Disney World!! I haven’t been to Disney in almost 4 or 5 years!! It was so much fun!!!  My Grandparents and my cousin also went. We spent a whole week at Disney…But my Grandpa says “I will never go back to Disney in the middle of the summer!”  But I would go back hands down! I haven’t been to Disney since my Lil sis was about 2 years old… she is now 6 almost 7… wow realizing that makes me feel old and I’m only 14… wow! lol, anyways I had a Blast, I hope I can go back next year but this time I ONLY want to go to the  beach. oh and you can never go wrong with shopping! I ♥ to shop!

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ThE bAbYsItTiNg AdVeNtUrE

Once I went to baby sit for this family, it was so much fun!! Except for the Dragon in the basement, the scary clown in the closet, and the Biggest Baddest most horrifying cat you ever met!! It was green with yellow poka dots!! When it wanted food it would bark, and when its tired and wants everybody to be quiet it would jump up and down and shake the whole house. It was so scary, oh and did I mention that I was babysitting for the Adams family or was it the Munsters? I cant quiet remember I but both familys had some really weird stuff!! But trust me I would deffently  do it again! I had so much fun.  but then it was time to go and my mom was just about to pull in the drive way when I suddently heard the noise it soulnded like some kinda alarm.. And it was., it was my Alarm clock it went up because it was time to wake up and go to school… well bye!

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Hello world!

Well this is my first of many blogs… I’m a young adult, and I’m full of energy… School is ok but I love hanging with my friends and going to the mall!!!  I think shopping is one of my many talents!!!   My favorite  stores in the mall are Aeropostale, Claire’s, Debs… I also LOVE Panda Express… Its my absolute favorite!!!!  Home schooling is fun, It has its ups and its downs… Like you can do your work and get done as soon as you want or as late as you want, that’s awesome! The downside is you and your siblings are the only  ones in your class, there isn’t a room full of kids… but that is why some one came up with co-op classes I guess…

Well TTFN,

Girl “N” The Green Scarf….

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